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International Quality Education of Arts

Certified Painting Education

domestic / abroad / face to face / online / offline

Those who want to participate in certified painting studies

those interested in painting / young retirees / university graduates

Those who want to become a painter / improve themselves

as a profession

Those who want to get information and teaching about art


educator for private education institutions

art consultant

opening a mixed/single exhibition in the country/abroad

public art

purpose with his work: in society

endearing art and artistic personality

is to develop. With your certificate

master trainer and painting at home / abroad

You can work as a trainer!..

Classical education program
4 semesters x 4 months: 16 months

face to face / online training


Open to all ages, painting, workshops, charcoal, drawing and design from imagination by looking with patterns

The aim is to contribute to the personal mental and artistic development of everyone and to popularize art in society.

hobby painting
public art works

h. in/h. End face to face/online

Siz de geleceğinizi düşünün / bizi arayın.

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