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Figure / Oil Painting Workshop

face to face / online / offline / hobby - package

  • Continue painting despite everything, Attached to art, passionate about color,

  • Painting Workshop PATTERN works

  • Whether you want it for hobby purposes or certified by the Ministry of National Education…

  • As PATTERN / OIL PAINTING WORKSHOP, we would like to support your interest in the art of PAINTING.

  • Whether you want to face-to-face, or online, by participating from home / abroad…

  • Charcoal Drawing, Watercolor Techniques, Different Drawing Materials, Color Knowledge, Composition Techniques, Oil Painting, Acrylic,….

Information About the Painting Workshop

The founders of our workshop, Painter and Art Writer Nurullah Berk (1906-1982), one of the most important masters of Turkish painting, Painter Prof. Sabri Berkel (1907-1993), Painter Prof. Adnan Çoker.

In the painting workshop, design, color information, artwork analysis, materials and techniques (charcoal, watercolor, pastel, oil painting, …) studies are carried out. General Art History (Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism, …) is given within the education program with visual expressions. In addition, by participating in our domestic and international trips (Italy, Spain, France, England, Egypt, Morocco, America, etc.) you can see the most important cities, museums and magnificent works of art in these museums.

Participants who attend our workshop have the opportunity to exhibit their works through group exhibitions or their own personal exhibitions over time. If you want to learn about the art of painting, improve your practice, and are looking for a painting course where you can achieve what you want, these studies organized by the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts are for you.


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