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Photo and Video

Digital media, which has become an indispensable tool of the technology age; It brought along the reproduction of photography and video and the rapid change in the perception of design. It has become a necessity to master the language of written and visual communication and to disseminate the emerging product in digital areas. The need to learn how to produce content, quickly consume photos and video, which is expected to be perceived in only 5 seconds, is not just for being here professionally. It is offered with a course program that is compatible with the developing technology, with the titles you may need to promote your field, products and works individually. Your practice and learning in Photography and Video lessons has a training program that will strengthen your adaptation to current life and the way you express yourself.


Learning and improving design with digital studies

Converting visual design and design to digital

Learning Stop-Motion-Slow Motion Photo and Video techniques

Premier/Photoshop program beginner and intermediate level

Editing and Editing Sound Programs beginner level

Using digital mediums as a production tool

Who Can Attend the Training?

Those who want to improve themselves in Photography and Video,

Those who want to improve themselves in digital designs

Those who are looking for a starting point to specialize in this sector,

Anyone over the age of 18 and at least a high school graduate who is interested in Photography and Video

Vocational training for high school and university graduates


Redesigning in Photo and Video

  • Composition

  • Design

  • Analyzing Digital Sharing Networks and producing content

  • Basic Photography and Video Training (Applied Training Content)

  • Process in Photography and Video (Theoretical Education Content)

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