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40 years in arts education

face to face / online / offline / package

interior architecture

Our graduates will receive international quality education, not only in Turkey but all over the world.

working as interior designer 

finds the opportunity.


fashion design

Istanbul Fine Arts

Turkey's most experienced

has a fashion design training program.

Moda Tasarımı Modelleri
Anime Çizim

fine arts preparation

Prepare for Istanbul Fine Arts and Fine Arts aptitude exams of Universities and High Schools in Turkey and abroad. 


certified picture

Our painting program was created with the contemporary education and culture concepts of Nurullah Berk and Sabri Berkel, the most important masters of Turkish painting. 

pattern /
oil paint

The founders of our workshop, Painter and Art Writer Nurullah Berk (1906-1982), one of the most important masters of Turkish painting, Painter Prof. Sabri Berkel (1907-1993) and Painter Prof. Adnan Çoker.

Sanat sınıfı

domestic / abroad

Portfolio is a special file that contains a visual presentation of your best work that you have prepared during the learning process...

Sanat Galerisi

history of art

From Byzantium to the End of the 19th Century, Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism.. It is presented with an artist-sensitized expression method that includes the approach of civilization history and art sociology as well as an art history perspective. 

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